Automatic Dust Collection Systems

Let your tools control the dust collection system

First, imagine starting your table saw and having all the dust collection chores be completely automatic. Then, in addition, how about having this same automatic dust collection for all your machines?

Finally, now you can have automated dust control. After installing a Grngate dust control system, you will be able to do what you enjoy most – woodworking. As a result, you can work without the added overhead of fussing about dust collection.

Take a look at the System Description to see how automated dust control works. And then, contact us to see how we can help you install a system in your workshop.

Installing an automated dust collection system with controlled blast gates is one of the best ways to improve your workshop. For instance, you will have a cleaner, healthier space to work. You will have an efficient automated dust control system in your workshop, which, above all, will allow you to focus on woodworking. In other words, GrnGate’s suite of automated dust collection components will have you working more safely and efficiently.

GrnGate customers receive high-quality components, instruction manuals and support. Additionally, we are dedicated to our product and dedicated to helping you design and install a premium, and easy-to-use automated dust control system for your workshop.

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“GrnGate has a system that is aimed more at the home woodshop and small to medium cabinet shop.”

Read more here: Controlling Dust, Spray and Fumes – Nine ways to keep a shop cleaner, safer, and a happier place to work.


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Testimonial Image of workshop with GrnGate automatic dust collection system

“Your manual is easy to understand and very instructive, this is truly an affordable dust collection system for small or medium sized shops. First start up went flawlessly.”

Jim T., BC Canada