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Dust Collection Information

Here are links, resources, and helpful information about dust collection to help you better setup and configure your dust collection system in your workshop.

Reviews of GrnGate Products

Here are some reviews published in woodworking magazines about our products.

  • Fine Woodworking Review – GrnGate Automatic Dust Gates
    • Grngate’s Blast Gates for dust collection systems not only open when you turn on a machine, but they also start the dust collector, a time- and back-saving system.
  • Wood Magazine Review – GrnGate Automatic Dust Collection System
    • If you are like many small woodworking shops, you have some sort of dust collection for the various machines. This may range from a roll-around collector you move from machine to machine or perhaps a central collector with ducting to each machine.

Videos about Dust Collection

Here are some short videos featuring the GrnGate systems.

Central Dust Collector Sources

Several of these suppliers also carry duct work and fittings.

Duct Work and Fittings Suppliers

Articles about Dust Collection

  • – Central Dust Collection
    • Small, one-person shops don’t need complicated dust-collection systems. We’ll show you how to get powerful collection at the lowest possible price without ever having to use a calculator. Even if your shop is shoehorned into a corner of your basement or garage,you can still enjoy the benefits of central dust collection
  • Wood Magazine – Installing a Dust Collection System
    • So you’ve bought a dust collector. Now, you must hook it up to your shop equipment. Here are some hints and tips to help you accomplish that more smoothly.

Static Control

A short paper on how to connect the flex spiral ducting from the gate to your tool to help control electrostatic discharge. Download here.

Books about Dust Collection

Here is an excellent guide setting up your workshop’s dust control system. The author is a highly respected woodworker with an extensive body of editorial writing in various publications. Woodshop Dust Control by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

Our Customer Workshops

Photographs provided by some of our customers showing GrnGate components. Click the images to enlarge.